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Apr 2018 11

3 Air Conditioning Myths Disproven Before Summer Begins

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Summer in Southern California brings about thoughts of swimming pools, trips to theme parks, and days at the beach. Unfortunately, summer also means the arrival of extremely hot temperatures and the beginning of our reliance on air-conditioning.

At Alps, we understand the importance of keeping your home comfortable without breaking your monthly budget. But we also know there may be things that you think will influence it, that actually have no effect. Here are some of the most common air conditioning myths disproven before the heat of summer sets in:


Your home will cool faster by lowering the thermostat

Most central air conditioning systems are set up the same way. The design cools your home to be approximately 20 degrees cooler than the outdoor temperature. And unless your home’s unit is custom, it most likely only has a single fan that facilitates warm air at a set speed. Unfortunately, this means that even if you adjust the temperature to an icicle level, like 52 degrees, there is nothing your system can do to cool any faster.

Not only does this waste an immense amount of energy, but it will end up costing you way more at the end of the month. This is especially true if you forget to adjust the thermostat once your home cools to the desired temperature or if you leave it on overnight.


Running the A/C all day is more efficient than re-cooling your home

We know it’s tempting to leave the air-conditioner on all day to keep our furry friends at their most comfortable, but it’s a giant waste of money and energy.

This practice also puts additional wear and tear on your A/C condenser, which will be working constantly, and is expensive to replace. Avoid coming home to a overheated home and pet by purchasing a smart thermostat. Most units are programmable to your preference and adjust the temperature in your home accordingly.


Closing registers and vents will improve HVAC efficiency

Almost all home designs allow even distribution of air. Unless your home is divided into different HVAC zones, closing registers will not change anything. The only thing it will do is cool the inside of your ductwork, instead of the rooms in your home. If you would like to cool a specific room, consider installing a ductless mini-split air conditioner instead.


Do you have questions about how to get your HVAC equipment in tip-top shape for the summer? Beat the heat by visiting our website to schedule your semi-annual maintenance with Alps.

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