Jul 2018 24

Balancing Temperature Differences in Your Home

Posted in Home Automation

When you walk into your kitchen, is the temperature the same as the rest of the house? What about your bedroom? Are their places in your home where you notice a significant temperature difference? If you are constantly searching for the perfect temperature by adjusting your thermostat every time you walk into a room, there is a better solution. Let’s review some simple ways to reach a balanced temperature throughout your entire home:   Size Up Your System First, ...

Jul 2018 18

How to Check the Age of Your HVAC Unit

Posted in Efficiency, HVAC Education, Maintenance

We are already a few weeks into summer and the heat is on! In order to keep your home and family comfortable, you may be running your air conditioner non-stop. But will it last the whole summer? In older homes, it may seem like it takes hours for air from the A/C to feel cool, especially when the weather is hot. Unfortunately, if your unit’s efficiency has slowed, it may be due to age. Unlike a fine ...

Jul 2018 12

Create Your Own Non-Toxic Cleaning Products at Home

Posted in HVAC Education, Summer

The smell of a clean home can be intoxicating. But, have you ever wondered if what you’re breathing in is actually toxic? Although it may seem like common practice for your home to smell like fresh cotton or an ocean breeze, many of the most popular household cleaning products can be full of harmful chemicals.   Without checking the label on your favorite cleanser, you may be allowing strong chemicals like ammonia, chlorine, phosphates and various types ...

Jul 2018 05

Teach Your Kids the Three R’s of Going Green

Posted in HVAC Education, Summer

At ALPS, we believe it’s never too early to learn the importance of energy conservation. This belief extends beyond heating and air-conditioning systems. We understand that HVAC systems use the majority of energy in the home, but there are important lessons you can teach young family members about the perks of going green. We’ve assembled the three R’s of what every parent should instill in their child to form sustainable habits:   Reduce California is almost always in a ...

Jun 2018 27

Choosing the Right Air Filter for Your Home

Posted in HVAC Education

At ALPS, we always remind our customers about the importance of regularly changing their air filters. But, we have heard that many customers feel overwhelmed when they are actually walking down the aisle of their local hardware store. Flat, pleated, reusable? How are homeowners supposed to know which option to purchase for their specific HVAC system? We’ve come up with a few notes about the most common types of air filters and their features to assist homeowners ...

Jun 2018 21

At-Home HVAC Projects to Avoid at All Costs

Posted in HVAC Education, Maintenance

After escaping the confines of apartment life, many new homeowners will search the Internet for home improvement ideas. But owning a home means it’s more important than ever to stay on budget. Some may try their hand at DIY projects to keep the cost of home improvement low. But, many new homeowners don’t realize that some projects could do more harm than good.   Air Balancing at Home Air balancing is simple, right? To adjust the amount of treated ...

Jun 2018 13

Going on Vacation? Here’s What You Need to Know

Posted in Efficiency, Summer

Summertime means fun in the sun, time with family, and vacations! We want to make sure your time away is relaxing and full of great memories. Vacations should be a getaway from everyday worries, like high utility bills. Check out this list of tips for homeowners to help save money and keep your home safe while away on vacation:   Nosy Neighbors Sometimes having nosy neighbors is a good thing! Ask one of your neighbors to keep a watchful ...

Jun 2018 06

4 Ways to Improve the Efficiency of Your HVAC System

Posted in Efficiency

Summer has arrived in Southern California, which means hot days and high energy bills. But don’t lose your cool just yet. Yes, your HVAC system usually accounts for almost half of your home’s energy costs, there are things you can do to help it run more efficiently. Keep your home cool and your wallet happy with these tips:   Change the Filter The easiest way to extend the life of your HVAC system and increase savings on your utility ...

May 2018 30

5 Ways to Save Money This Summer

Posted in Air Conditioning, Summer

Summer is coming - and while we all love spending lazy days on the beach, there are small to large expenses specific to this time of year that can really pile up if we aren’t careful! At ALPS, we believe in managing your home like a business. So here are 5 ways to save money over the summer season, straight from our expert technicians:   Turn off the A/C! It’s a given that summer is hot, and we aren’t ...

May 2018 23

5 Things to Note About Indoor Air Quality

Posted in HVAC Education, Spring

When you work in the heating and air conditioning industry, your main focus is always on the temperature aspect of the business, right? Wrong! The quality of your indoor air is just as important. Poor indoor air quality can lead to numerous detriments to your home, including discomfort, stagnant air, poor temperature control…the list goes on and on! Keep the allergens of blooming flowers and grass at bay by making indoor air quality a top priority. Here are ...

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