Dec 2017 27

New Year’s Resolutions for Your HVAC System

Posted in Maintenance

The flurry of the holidays has passed and a new year is around the corner. It’s time to reflect and set those resolutions. Eat healthy. Lose weight. Join a gym. The list can go on and on.   Most of us will focus on personal growth going into 2018, and overlook ways that we can improve our everyday lives. Don’t worry, we took on the task and compiled a list of home maintenance resolutions to improve the ...

Dec 2017 20

Avoid These Holiday HVAC Decorating Mistakes

Posted in HVAC Education

We are days away from inviting Santa and all of his reindeer into our homes for the holiday. But many homeowners are busy and may have to rush through the decorating process in these last few days. Before you start decking your halls and jingling your bells, make sure that your decorations aren’t imposing on your comfort, your HVAC equipment or your energy bill. Read on to learn how to avoid making these common holiday HVAC ...

Dec 2017 13

Five HVAC Tips to Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Posted in Heating

Winter has arrived, and that means your home heating system will be working hard to keep your family cozy. Unfortunately, we all know that means higher utility bills. Luckily, there are simple, low cost measures that you can use to heat your home more efficiently.   Fasten Your Flue Fireplaces pull warm air up and out of the chimney. This means that you are losing heat if the fireplace is open, but not in use. Keep warm inside ...

Dec 2017 06

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter Months

Posted in Heating, HVAC Education

Our air-conditioners worked overtime this summer to keep us cool, and now the torch will be passed to our heating systems. But, you may be thinking, what else can I do to minimize the affect of the cold on my home and the health of my family? We have an easy to use and cost-effective answer: humidifiers. Below, we have listed a few of the benefits to using humidifiers inside your home.   Better Moisture As the temperature outside cools ...

Nov 2017 29

What To Do When Your Heater Doesn’t Turn On

Posted in Heating

So, you have finally convinced yourself to get out of your warm bed and begin your online holiday shopping. The only way to make it happen is by recreating that cozy feeling throughout the rest of your home. You tiptoe over to the heater, flip the switch, and wait…But, what should you do if it doesn’t turn on? Before you convince an HVAC technician to make an emergency stop, there are a few things to check ...

Nov 2017 20

3 Reasons to Be Thankful For Your HVAC System

Posted in HVAC Education

Thanksgiving is a time to gather and reminisce about all that we have to be thankful for during the holiday season. As we spend time with family and friends, we may forget that there is someone working diligently to keep our homes comfortable. No, it’s not St. Nick, it’s your HVAC system! Here are a few reasons to be thankful for the member of your household who is always working through the holidays: Heating & Cooling We ...

Nov 2017 15

HVAC Maintenance Check-up Checklist

Posted in Fall, HVAC Education, Maintenance

A seasonal maintenance check-up is the best way to keep systems at peak performance. Having an HVAC professional perform an annual check can prevent underlying problems and unwanted costs. Summer and winter are notoriously busy for HVAC companies. So it’s a good idea to get on the books during spring for your cooling system and fall for the heating system. At ALPS, our technicians are always happy to share insight about the right way maintain your HVAC ...

Nov 2017 08

Is Your HVAC System Healthy? Your Nose Knows…

Posted in Fall, HVAC Education

When you turn on your HVAC system, do your nostrils notice? If your system gives off one of the odors below, it may be an indication of an unhealthy unit.   Your HVAC system is one of the largest pieces of equipment running through your home. If something is not working properly, it is imperative to take action. A defective system can have negative effects on your wallet, but more importantly, it can impact your health.

Nov 2017 01

The Benefits of Purchasing a Portable Air-Conditioner

Posted in Air Conditioning, Efficiency

The heat just won’t quit! As October comes to an end, we have been experiencing a few of the hottest days of the year. If this pattern continues, Southern California residents may not be able to survive with just ceiling fans or standing fans to cool us down. Portable Air-Conditioner Many homes in CA, especially those near the beach, do not have in-home air conditioning systems. If your home is not equipped, a portable air-conditioner may be ...

Oct 2017 25

Keeping Your Ducts in a Row: Condensation

Posted in Air Conditioning, HVAC Education, Maintenance

Ductwork is often overlooked because it is hidden in the walls and ceilings of most homes. Homeowners tend to forget that the quality of your ducts can greatly impact the efficiency of your home’s HVAC system. Even if you purchase the most energy efficient system on the market, and you seal all of your home’s thresholds, that energy could quickly go to waste if you haven’t taken the time to properly maintain your ducts. One of the ...

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