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Aug 2014 07

What You Need to Know About Flex Alerts

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Do you know what a flex alert is? More importantly, do you know what to do if you receive a flex alert? Flex alerts were implemented this year are issued by the California Independent System Operators, which is an organization that monitors energy usage. According to their website,, “A Flex Alert is an urgent call to Californians to immediately conserve electricity and to shift demand to off-peak hours (after 6 p.m.). The Flex ...

Jul 2014 31

Summer Savings with Alps

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It’s an exciting time of year for us.  With the weather hot, we are busy helping people stay cool and comfortable in their homes, and helping them save money on their energy bills as a result. Additionally, with the OC Fair in full swing, we have been busy at our booth talking to people about their HVAC needs and helping them understand the benefits of upgrading to a more energy efficient system.  We even ...

Jul 2014 16

Why You Need to Change Your Air Filter

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With Summer in full swing and some warm days behind us, it’s likely that you’ve been running your AC system for at least a month now.  You know what that means, right?  It means you need to change your air filter. It’s important to change your air filter every 30 to 60 days for two reasons: It keeps your air clean and keeps your system running efficiently.  Here’s why:   Keeps Air Clean Dust and particles get caught ...

Jul 2014 12

4 Ways to Avoid Using Your Air Conditioner

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When it’s warm out, it’s tempting to use your air conditioner in your home all the time.  But even with the most efficient of AC units, that can leave you with some expensive utility bills.  Here are some ways to keep your air conditioner off, but still keep as cool as possible.   Keep Windows Closed During the Day This might seem counter-intuitive, but keeping your windows closed will keep your house much cooler than keeping your ...

Jun 2014 25

No Cold Air from Air Conditioner

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If you have your AC in on your home, but the air coming out isn’t cold, or is less cold than it used to be, there are several problems that might be causing this. Although it’s difficult to tell exactly without seeing the unit itself, here are a few reasons why your AC might be on, but no cold air is coming out. Low Refrigerant A low refrigerant charge or a low refrigerant level will cause ...

Jun 2014 06

3 Tips to Keep Your AC Unit from Breaking

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With temperature rising and summer just around the corner, keeping your AC unit in proper working order is important for being able to enjoy your summer days.  There’s nothing worse than having to sweat through a couple hot days of summer because your AC unit stops working.  No cool house to return to, no relief and no fun! Because we want you to be able to enjoy your summer and not have to deal with ...

May 2014 27

5 Ways to Save Money on Cooling this Summer

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Summer has unofficially started, which means the weather is getting warmer and it’s time to turn your AC unit on.  Unfortunately, for most Southern Californians, your AC unit ends up significantly increasing your energy bills during the months you run it.  Because of that, we would like to share five ways to save money on cooling this summer.   Tune up your HVAC equipment regularly Getting a yearly tune up for your HVAC system can help it ...

May 2014 23

Prepping your AC Unit for Summer

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With the first big heat wave of the year behind us, we thought we would share a few videos about common problems with air conditioning systems.  If you are like some of our customers, you may have turned on your AC unit when it was warm, only to find it didn’t cool the way you wanted or didn’t work at all.  Fortunately, there are ways to make sure your AC unit stays running the way ...

May 2014 06

Allergy-Proof Your Home

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If you suffer from allergies you know that they tend to act up around this time of year when the trees are in bloom and we are spending more time outside. There are also some allergens that might be getting comfortable inside your home as the weather gets warmer and humidity rises. Here are some tips on how to allergy-proof your home and make it the safe and comfortable sanctuary that it should be.

Apr 2014 08

Heating and Cooling Myths

Posted in Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC Education

Homeowners try many things to save energy and to make their heating and cooling systems work better for them. You may have tried a few of those things, but unfortunately these tricks and tips will not get you the results you are hoping for. Here are a few myths to avoid as you try to make smarter heating and air conditioning choices. Faster Heating or Cooling When people want their homes to change temperature quickly, they often ...

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