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Mar 2014 20

5 Ways to Save Money When it’s Hot

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Your air conditioner consumes a tremendous amount of energy, which costs you a lot of money.  By reducing the amount of time your AC unit is running, you can save money.  Here are five ways to reduce the need for air conditioning when it’s warm out.   Turn the Temperature Up If you must turn the AC on, set it at the warmest temperature that is comfortable for you.  Every degree can save you money, and ...

Feb 2014 18

Geothermal Technology May be the Future of Heating and Air Conditioning

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At Alps, we like to stay on top of the latest ways to heat and cool your home while protecting the environment and keeping bills down. Geothermal heating and cooling systems are gaining popularity because they use very little energy to keep a home at a steady, comfortable temperature. Geothermal technology transfers heat between your home and the earth’s crust where heat is a naturally renewing resource. We know from experience that on the earth’s surface ...

Feb 2014 11

Airflow Tests: What can they Tell Us?

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Are you really getting what you are paying for from your air conditioning and heating system? Alps uses two Energy Star required tests to help you answer this question. The first is a duct test, which we previously wrote about on our blog: Duct Testing to Save Energy and Money. The second is an airflow test, which we will be discussing today. Both tests can tell you a lot about the energy ...

Jan 2014 31

Duct Testing to Save Energy and Money

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Duct tests aren’t actually required by the city or state, so why do we do them? A duct test is an important way to make sure that the air you are paying for is actually making it to the rooms you want to heat or cool. If there are any leaks in ductwork, the air is wasted because it goes into the attic instead of into your home. But, after a duct test, those leaks ...

Oct 2013 17

Three Ways to Keep the Air in Your Home Clean

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Air inside a home isn’t naturally circulated the way that it is outside. This is especially true in the winter when most of us keep our windows shut against the cold. Because of this, harmful molds and mildews, bacteria, and allergens can build up in the air that you and your family breathe. Here are three solutions to clean the air in your home and keep your family healthy and safe indoors. Mechanical Filters: HEPA (high efficiency ...

Sep 2013 27

The 411 on the Duct Systems and Vents in Your Home

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The HVAC system is like the heart of your home. It pumps cold or hot air to regulate temperature and comfort levels. Because it is so crucial, it is important to know the different parts of the system that makes your home a comfortable place. In this demonstration, Allen teaches us all about the different duct systems and vents found in the home!     ...

Sep 2013 13

All About Your Ductwork

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You see it all the time, but probably don't know exactly what it does or that there are several different types out there. Your ductwork is an integral part of your HVAC system and it's good to have all the facts. In this short tutorial, Allen gives you all the information you need to know about the ductwork in your home!     ...

Aug 2013 22

R-Value in the HVAC World

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R-value is a term that you commonly hear out of the mouths of HVAC contractors. So what is it, exactly?  Well, R-value is a measure of insulation's ability to resist heat traveling through it. Technically, it is calculated by taking the ratio of the temperature difference across an insulator over the heat flux through it. But all you really need to remember is the higher the R-value, the better the insulation works. The R-value is ...

Aug 2013 15

Even and Efficient Cooling in Two-Story Homes

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Anyone who has a two story home (or has ever been in a two story home in the summertime) is familiar with the issue of uneven cooling. You may be enjoying the cool air in the downstairs living room, but then walk upstairs and begin to sweat. Joey touches on this issue and offers some resolution to this common problem!     ...

Aug 2013 08

Energy (and Money) Saving Tips for the High-Use AC Season

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Summertime usually calls for a lot of fun and a lot of sunshine. This usually brings with it lots of heat and, therefore, lots of air conditioning use. The air conditioning system is usually the highest draw of electricity and energy from your home. However, there are ways to cool your home without breaking the energy - or the money-  bank!       For more tips and tricks, connect with us on Facebook! ...

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