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Feb 2013 07

3 Tips For Keeping a Warm Home in February

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February is one of the coldest months in California. With the cold usually comes an increase in the use of your heating system. Here are a few tips to save some energy (and money) while staying warm. 1) Move the furniture away from heating vents. This will keep the heat from getting trapped in one place and will allow it to permeate throughout the house a lot quicker. This also protects your furniture from any ...

Apr 2012 12

Air Conditioning Efficiency Tip #2 From Your Orange County Comfort Specialists

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Your A/C Unit Needs A Bath! Don't wait until your air conditioner looks like this one.  By then the  damage may have already been done.  A dirty condenser will lead to a blown fan motor and will eventually cause your compressor to fail, which is the most expensive HVAC repair you could ever face! Before that happens, if your A/C is not kept clean, your energy bill will increase and it will have a ...

Apr 2012 05

Air Conditioning Efficiency Tip #1 From Your Orange County Comfort Specialists

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Your A/C Unit Needs to Breathe! Summer is right around the corner so we decided to post a series of quick tips to help make sure your air conditioner is there for you when you need it the most. It's spring time, and many of us have been planting beautiful flowers and shrubs around our yards, but be careful not to plant too close to your A/C unit.  You're air conditioner needs to breathe. ...

Jan 2012 19

Tips for maximum Efficiency and Comfort

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Are you getting the most for your comfort dollar? Whether your comfort system is old or new, in a new or old home, in an apartment of single-family home, there are many little things you can do to optimize it’s efficiency and mimimize your utility bills.  They’re all definitely worth the small amount of time and expense they take, because in the long run, they’ll save you money. Outside the Home Regardless of the season, ...

May 2011 16

Common Air Leaks in a Home

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