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Apr 2015 23

New SEER Requirements

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On January 1st, 2015, new standards of efficiency from the U.S. Department of Energy went into effect. Among these are higher SEER standards than in previous years. Now, you may be asking: what does SEER even stand for, and what do these changes mean for me? SEER, or Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, is the standard given to air conditioning systems in order to measure their efficiency. In more familiar terms, it is similar to a rating of ...

Apr 2015 16

HVAC Tips for the Summer Season

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Reminder for all you homeowners out there: The best time to schedule an inspection for your HVAC system is before the high temperatures of summer come around. So, while you’re doing some spring cleaning this month, think about getting a check-up for your hardworking HVAC system as well! Here are a few tips you can follow to get the most out of your HVAC system this summer. 1. Check your filters frequently This is the most important ...

Mar 2015 26

HVAC Requirements Have Changed

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On July 1st 2014, a few major changes to a California law called Title 24 went into effect. What exactly are these changes and how do they affect you? Well, three of the most notable changes to HVAC requirements are: mandated air duct sealing and testing in all climate zones, a raise in the minimum insulation required in air ducts in certain climate zones, and new requirements added to Home Energy Rating System tests. Air Duct ...

Mar 2015 10

Save Money with Home Energy Audits

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A home energy audit, or a thorough examination of the energy use in your home, can be very beneficial to homeowners like you who might be looking to save a little money and increase the comfort of your living space. A general rule of thumb is this: the older a home is, the more likely it is to benefit from audit-recommended improvements. Certain styles of homes, such as multi-story or Cape Cod-style homes tend to run less ...

Mar 2015 04

Clothes Dryers Now Certified by Energy Star

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If you are part of the 80% of Americans who own a clothes dryer in your home – take a look at this. Energy Star, the most widely recognized champion for energy efficient appliances in the world, just announced the release of over 40 new models of energy efficient, certified clothes dryers. The U.S. Department of Energy, washer/dryer manufacturers, retail stores, and environmental groups all throughout the U.S. collaborated in the design and creation ...

Jan 2015 16

Benefits of Smart Light Bulbs

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Light bulbs aren’t exactly what they used to be. In the last few years, they have gone from your standard bulb to being a lot more efficient. Now, you can control your lights – even their color – from anywhere with your smartphone. While you might not need all of the 16 million colors available from some of these bulbs, there are definitely some other benefits to having smart light bulbs. Save Energy This is one ...

Jan 2015 08

Three Reasons to Make Your House More Energy Efficient

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energy efficient home, benefits of saving energy in your home, save money on energy bills orange county

Here at Alps, we talk a lot about reducing your energy use. However, we wanted to take the time to explain how reducing your energy use affects you and those around you. Although there are a lot of secondary benefits of reducing your energy use, there are three primary reasons to make your house more efficient. Reduce Your Bills Let’s be honest for a minute. If reducing your energy meant your bills went up, ...

Dec 2014 10

Energy Saving Benefits of Hang Drying Laundry

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energy benefits of hang drying laundry, ways to save energy in orange county, alps hvac

In a study conducted in 2013, hanging laundry was America’s least popular way to lower utility costs. Approximately 85% of American households own tumble dryers, and those who do own one burn through two or more loads a week. Dryers are one of the top energy consuming appliances, using about 12% of a typical household’s electricity! This is a surprising contrast to the 95% of Italians who hang dry their clothes and the ...

Nov 2014 20

Energy Efficient Fireplaces

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heater alternatives, energy efficient fireplaces, orange county hvac

With cooler weather upon us, it makes us want to turn on the thermostat and huddle under a blanket. For families with fireplaces, ‘tis the season to light it up and make s’mores. However, many fireplaces are not energy efficient, and much of the potential heating benefits are lost. Here’s a few tips for upgrading your fireplace to achieve maximum efficiency! The Right Kind of Wood If you happen to have a wood-burning fireplace and lack the ...

Oct 2014 27

Cool Roofs – Lower Your Energy Bill Naturally

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cool roofs, reflective roofs, energy saving roofs

In Southern California, it can get hot any time of the year. It’s not unusual to have a few days each month, even in the winter, where temperatures warm up to the point of needing to turn on your air conditioner. Because of that, there are many unique ways to combat the heat and keep your home cool. One of those is a reflective roof. Reflective or “Cool” roofs reduce the temperature indoors (even in places ...

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