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May 2018 09

DIY: How to Change Your Furnace Filter

Posted in Heating, HVAC Education

Do you remember when you first started driving, and your parents asked you to check the car for oil? You probably didn’t know where to start. Just like young drivers, most first-time homeowners don’t know where to begin when dealing with their home’s furnace.   You may not know this, but there is a filter inside of your home’s furnace that needs to be changed on a regular basis. You also may not be aware of how ...

Jan 2018 17

5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Heating Bill in Check

Posted in Efficiency, Heating

We still haven’t been able to escape the cold, winter weather. Which means, many homeowners will be turning up the heat on their thermostats before thinking about how much money they are burning on heating costs. We don’t want you to lose sleep with frozen toes, but we also don’t want your furnace to work through the night heating your home. To combat high utility bills and avoid being left in the cold, we have six ...

Dec 2017 13

Five HVAC Tips to Heat Your Home More Efficiently

Posted in Heating

Winter has arrived, and that means your home heating system will be working hard to keep your family cozy. Unfortunately, we all know that means higher utility bills. Luckily, there are simple, low cost measures that you can use to heat your home more efficiently.   Fasten Your Flue Fireplaces pull warm air up and out of the chimney. This means that you are losing heat if the fireplace is open, but not in use. Keep warm inside ...

Dec 2017 06

Benefits of Using a Humidifier in the Winter Months

Posted in Heating, HVAC Education

Our air-conditioners worked overtime this summer to keep us cool, and now the torch will be passed to our heating systems. But, you may be thinking, what else can I do to minimize the affect of the cold on my home and the health of my family? We have an easy to use and cost-effective answer: humidifiers. Below, we have listed a few of the benefits to using humidifiers inside your home.   Better Moisture As the temperature outside cools ...

Nov 2017 29

What To Do When Your Heater Doesn’t Turn On

Posted in Heating

So, you have finally convinced yourself to get out of your warm bed and begin your online holiday shopping. The only way to make it happen is by recreating that cozy feeling throughout the rest of your home. You tiptoe over to the heater, flip the switch, and wait…But, what should you do if it doesn’t turn on? Before you convince an HVAC technician to make an emergency stop, there are a few things to check ...

Oct 2017 11

Is It Time to Replace Your Thermostat?

Posted in Air Conditioning, Efficiency, Heating

A thermostat is the temperature gatekeeper of the home. It detects interior temperature and adjusts accordingly to meet a homeowner’s desired preferences. However, they are not invincible, and are susceptible to normal wear and tear, like other home appliances. The difference is that a defective thermostat can disrupt your level of comfort, as well as incur hefty costs to your wallet over time. Here are a few things you can do to test that your home thermostat ...

Oct 2017 04

Shake It Up: Preparing Your HVAC for an Earthquake

Posted in Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC Education

Earthquakes are a part of life in California. While we have not recently experienced dangerous seismic activity, many other places have, which is why it is important to be prepared before a quake happens.   Major earthquakes can damage a home’s foundation, walls, and roof. If there is damage to the HVAC or electrical system, homeowners without proper insurance could spend as much as $30,000 in home repairs.   Although we cannot reinforce your HVAC with a steel frame, ...

Sep 2017 13

Fall Trips: How to Keep Your Home Safe

Posted in Air Conditioning, Fall, Heating

As we step into fall, many homeowners with families may want to fit in an outing before they are swept up in the homework and science projects of a new school year. But, before you rush out the door, there are a few things you should do to make sure your home is safe while you are away.   Thermostat One of the most important things to check before leaving for a trip is that your thermostat is ...

Jun 2017 21

Top Questions You Should Ask Your HVAC Contractor

Posted in Air Conditioning, Efficiency, Heating, HVAC Education

Replacing your air conditioner is one of the largest investments you will make as a homeowner. Repairs can also become costly – especially as your system ages. This doesn’t mean an aging HVAC unit requires a complete overhaul at the present moment. Here are some important questions you should ask your HVAC contractor before you decide to repair or replace your unit: Should I repair or replace my system? We find that customers go the DIY route ...

Jun 2017 14

How to Avoid Common HVAC System Emergencies

Posted in Air Conditioning, Heating, HVAC Education, Maintenance

Emergencies strike at the worst possible time. In fact, studies show that a quarter of American households lack the essential savings to come out of pocket for an unexpected HVAC repair or the installation of a new system. Of those saving cash in their rainy day fund, half of those customers cannot even afford to replace their furnace. Tired of trying to put two pennies together for expensive repairs? Here’s how you can reduce your chances ...

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