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Mar 2017 15

4 Benefits of Installing a Smart Thermostat in Your Home

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Innovation continues to be ever changing in the world of heating and air. From upgrades in thermostat technology to smart controls that learn your temperature preferences, we’ve seen a number of changes over the last 10 years that are reshaping the way we use and preserve energy in our homes. Here are a few reasons to switch to a smart thermostat. It Learns Your Temperature Preferences Ten years ago, programmable thermostats were the latest trend, but ...

Feb 2015 18

Automating the Door Locks in Your Home

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It seems like every day there are new ways to automate your home. More importantly, these tools for home automation are becoming accessible to more people. You no longer need to be ultra-wealthy to consider automating part or all of your home. However, most home automation for the masses isn’t going to start with a smart refrigerator or a microwave that can be controlled by your smartphone. Home automation is entering the home ...