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Jan 2018 31

Proper Insulation Can Save You Money

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Homeowners will go to great lengths to save money. Adding extra layers, investing in electric blankets, there are countless options. But, one solution that is often forgotten is improving your home’s insulation. Your HVAC system is an energy hog, especially when temperatures are extreme.   If you are looking for a cost-effective way to save money on your monthly utility bills, improving your home’s insulation is one of your best options.   How Can Insulation Work for You? Insulation works ...

Apr 2017 12

4 Simple Home Insulation Strategies that Save Money

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Spring is here. For many customers, this is a popular time of year to save on energy bills by opening windows instead of running your air conditioner. While you are enjoying the mild, comfortable temperatures, don’t forget to evaluate your home’s insulation and heat protection systems. Even a top-of-the-line energy efficient HVAC unit can become ineffective if you struggle to keep the heat out of your home. Take the time to inspect your new or ...

Jan 2017 04

Using Insulation To Save Money

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Using Insulation To Save Money

Saving money on your utility bills is a common goal for many homeowners. After all, the number one source of energy usage in a home is it’s HVAC system and no one likes seeing a large electricity or gas bill after it’s been especially hot or cold. If you are looking for a cost-effective way to save money on your utility bills, improving your home’s insulation is one of your best options. How Does Insulation Work To ...

Nov 2016 16

Ductwork Condensation: How It Can Damage Your Home

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Ductwork Condensation

When it comes to the longevity of your HVAC system, being proactive is key. A variety of issues involving your home’s HVAC and duct system can result in complicated problems, such as condensation in your ductwork. The following is everything you need to know regarding ductwork moisture and how it may affect your home. What Is Condensation In Your Ducts?  When the ducts in your home are filled with cool air and the air on the outside is warm, ...

Nov 2015 24

Benefits of a Blower Door Test

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benefits of a blower door test, energy upgrade california tests, energy upgrade california HVAC contractors

One of the ways that we determine the efficiency of a home is through a blower door test.  This allows us to see where air is leaking out of a home.  Think about it, if you have 50 little leaks in your home that all let out a little bit of air, that can really add up.  In most homes, we find enough leaks that it would be like permanently leaving a window open! ...

Aug 2015 27

What Homeowners Need to Know About Insulating An Attic

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Attic insulation is a very important part of owning a home. Proper insulation means better heating in the winter and better cooling in the summer. According to the Department of Energy, stabilizing temperatures can reduce a home energy bill by as much as fifty percent. Important factors to consider include: Choosing the Right Material. Before starting a project, research what material works best for you. Loose fill blows insulation fiber into place to a specific depth ...

Nov 2014 06

The Benefits of Double Paned Windows

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Looking for ways to cut down on heating or cooling costs? Insulation is a key factor in household energy usage, so if your windows are the old single panes, it may be time for an upgrade. Regular windows allow air to escape more easily. This requires more work from the heating/cooling systems to maintain the desired temperature, and in turn, raises energy costs. Installing double paned windows can effectively double insulation for the home and ...

Jan 2014 16

The Importance of Insulation

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In any season, you want your HVAC system to get your house to the desired temperature as quickly and efficiently as possible. No one wants to spend their money on heating or cooling the outdoors. But if your house is poorly insulated you could be doing just that. Insulation is a material that resists the flow of heat. When it is installed in and around your house it acts as a barrier, blocking heat from ...