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May 2016 13

Don’t Let Your HVAC System Break this Summer!

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best time for hvac repair

We all know that April showers bring May flowers. But it’s the lack of May-ntenance on your HVAC system that will leave you sweating in the summer sizzle. Ok, that might be a little cheesy, but the truth is that many of you will not have your HVAC system maintained this spring. The result of this is that many of you will turn on your HVAC when the temperatures start getting warm and all you will ...

Apr 2016 28

How To Reduce Dust In Your Home

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reduce dust, get rid of dust in my home

At ALPS, air quality and HVAC services go hand-in-hand. When we come to your home to repair any of your HVAC components we always recommend continued maintenance of your units by regular cleaning and replacements when needed to avoid build-up, excess dust and wear and tear on your units. In the meantime, to preserve your HVAC unit in your home there are easy ways to avoid the dust layering that not only ruins your air conditioners ...

Apr 2016 12

Why Is this Not Working? Homeowner HVAC Edition

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Our natural first reaction to something not operating correctly is usually: why is this not working? Our second reaction is to promptly Google the issue, trying to find an easy solution. But when it comes to our air conditioning and heating systems, technical difficulties are trickier than replacing an old light bulb in your refrigerator. Here are general answers to the top 3 most common questions homeowners have in regards to their HVAC systems. For specific ...

Mar 2016 08

Signs Your Air Conditioning May Be Making You Sick

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Air conditioner sensitivity, feeling sick after work, air conditioner cleaning

Feeling sick after work? You may be sensitive to the air conditioner. Air conditioners are blissful during those hot, Southern California summers that are becoming longer and longer every year. They cool us down, re-energize us and leave us feeling refreshed and ready to take on the heat. But have you ever felt congested, like you may have a head cold, despite it being 90 degrees out? Because most air conditioners circulate old ...

Nov 2015 12

The Best Time for HVAC Repairs

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best time for hvac repair

In our business, we get a lot of calls for HVAC repairs when it’s either really hot or it’s really cold. Because we live in Orange County, an area where the temperature is temperate most of the year, most people don’t use their AC as much as someone who lives in Arizona, or heater as much as someone in Alaska. We might have it set to heat our homes, or to cool them, but it ...

Apr 2015 21

Dirty Sock Syndrome

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Problem Every once and a while, we get a call from a concerned customer who asks: “Why does it smell like a dirty locker room when I run my A/C?” If that sounds familiar, then believe it or not, your A/C system may have Dirty Sock Syndrome. How would you know if you have Dirty Sock Syndrome and not some other issue causing a foul odor? Well, with Dirty Sock Syndrome, the smell only occurs when the ...

Nov 2014 13

Non-Toxic House Cleaners

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natural cleaner, non-toxic cleaners

Have you ever read the label on your household cleaning supplies? You might be surprised by what you find. Phosphates, chlorine, ammonia and some types of acid are all common ingredients in our favorite cleaners. Ingesting or inhaling too much of these toxic chemicals can lead to lung complications, irritation, and corrosion of delicate tissues in the body. Leaving bottles of these cleaners can endanger children and pets alike, and washing surfaces with them ...

Sep 2014 17

Fall is Almost Here, is your Heater Ready?

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is your heater read, orange county heater maintenance, oc hvac

We have been talking about air conditioning for a long time now.  It’s been a long, hot summer and it doesn’t show any signs of stopping.  Well, except for the calendar.  As we head into September and as Fall quickly approaches, the temperatures will drop, your AC will no longer be needed and your heater will become necessary. The great part about Fall is that the temperatures usually stay pretty temperate.  This is an ideal ...

Apr 2014 01

Air Conditioner Spring Cleaning

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It is important to have an HVAC specialist perform routine maintenance and cleaning on your AC unit as you get ready to turn it on for the summer. Whether it is time for maintenance or not, be sure to keep your system dust and debris free. Doing so will make your unit more efficient and keep you breathing easier all year long. Here are a few things you can do to give your unit ...

Mar 2014 11

Keep Your Filters Clean

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One of the most important things you can do to keep your heating and ac system healthy and functioning is keep the filters clean. How often you need to clean or change your filter depends on what kind of filter it is and the environment of your home. The easiest rule to follow is clean it when it’s dirty. There are some advanced filtering systems that last for a long time. The instructions here apply ...

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