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Feb 2018 28

What To Look For When Researching an HVAC Company

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At ALPS, we pride ourselves on our outstanding relationships with customers and our ability to provide top-notch service.


Being a family owned and operated business for almost 40 years has allowed us to become close with many of our customers. We will work until the problem is solved and keep homeowners in the loop along the way, and it’s no surprise that’s why they keep coming back.


Our team has provided services to homeowners all over Orange County and assisted with countless issues. We know we’re not the only HVAC company in town, so we want to make sure that if a homeowner calls another company, that they know what to look for.


Look For An Excellent Reputation

HVAC companies are not always as social media savvy, as we are at ALPS J. Most companies can’t depend on Yelp reviews and Facebook ratings, so they rely on word-of-mouth.

When looking into an HVAC company, exhaust all options. Ask family members, friends, and neighbors. Some may have had work done, some may have received a referral from a friend of a friend. Have you checked for social media channels? Do they have an updated website and good reviews on Yelp? These are all factors in establishing a solid reputation in the community and should be verified before scheduling an appointment.

For examples, check out the testimonials and comments on our Yelp page.


Look for Accreditations And Certifications

Well-trained technicians and up-to-date training certifications are the bread and butter of a reputable HVAC company. Without technicians that can be depended upon, the company would not last the first week.

Before booking an appointment, make sure to research for all HVAC related licenses. At ALPS, our techs are certified by the National American Technician Excellence (NATE). NATE certification requires technicians to demonstrate a high degree of skill in HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair.


Look For A Reasonable Price

If an HVAC company is advertising a special that seems too good to be true, it probably is and homeowners should beware. Some less than reputable companies may try to pull a bait-and-switch, offering one price and then charging another.

At ALPS, we know that homeowners value budget and reliable service above all other things. That’s why we offer the highest quality parts and a competitively priced maintenance program. We value customer satisfaction and guarantee that our rates are consistent with our competition and HVAC standards, and we can do it without cutting corners.


If you have had a less than stellar experience with another HVAC company, or if you have any questions, we want to help! Give us a call at 800-994-2577 or visit our website.

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